Energy Medicine

We are hearing a lot about Energy Medicine these days, and it is not always clear what it means.

A simple definition is that Energy Medicine is a system of healing that uses a person’s natural life force to deal with mental, emotional, spiritual and / or physical problems. It can be used to complement our western medical system, or on its own to balance us and keep us well. We all have a natural energy balance that can get disturbed by so many internal and/or external factors – for example, pollution can make us physically ill; a lack of confidence can make us feel sick when we have to do a presentation; the loss of a loved one can make us feel‘heartsick’. By strengthening our energy, we can stay stable and healthy. For more complete information you can check out the Energy Medicine website or Inner Source. I use a system of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, that is based on the energy pathways in your body – for example, the acupressure points along the meridians and the Eastern system of chakras, which are energy centres. Two wonderful things about energy medicine are:

  • It is a self-help tool
  • It is non-invasive

For some information about the research being done in this area, you can read an article written by clinical psychologist, David Feinstein, PhD., called 6 Pillars of Energy Medicine. A very good book to read about this type of healing is ‘Energy Medicine’, or ‘Energy Medicine for Women’ by Donna Eden, listed in the resource section.